Let’s start again…

I always have very good intentions with things like this.

Start a blog, make sure I post something at least once a week, imagine people out there are reading it…..

Soon enough my posts start to wane – and 10 months later I start the process again.

But this time, I have an iPhone – and a word press blog app.  The power to add posts when I feel like it, where I feel like it has become mine.

Lets see how long it lasts this time round……


Hello world!

Welcome to my first post on WordPress.com. Many other blogs have come and gone before this one – but hopefully I will keep this updated and not forget my login passwords!!!

Basically I want to use thsi blog to showcase those images that I don’t want to put on my website – but do want them to be out there in the wide wide internet world.

Please also check out Flickr – its my virtual home on the Internet!!!  A lovely place filled with lovey people and lots and lots of photographs. Fantastic!

Ciao for now!